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There are various myths within the FIFA group. Gamers declare that the script is in-game, however developer EA Sports activities has all the time denied this. There are sometimes criticisms of puck weighting in favor of outstanding gamers within the recreation. And there’s a unusual case of Nick Pope’s peak.

Nick Pope is a proficient goalkeeper to play within the Premier League Burnley. In accordance with Burnley’s official web site, he’s 191 cm tall. It’s simply over 6’3 “.

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But! In FIFA 21 (and past FIFA games with the Pope), Burnley’s number one is listed as 6’7 “, which is a toe over 200 cm.

The in-game height of the Pope means he is very popular in FIFA 21. In fact, some consider the 82-rated goalkeeper to be better than Liverpool’s superstar shotstopper Alison Becker. I saw the Pope called “the best value for a coin keeper in a game”. why? He’s actually tall, so he has respectable stats, and his peak makes a distinction in relation to catching a cross and stopping a shot in FIFA 21.

Burnley will suppose they know the true peak of their primary goalkeeper, however EA could have performed a greater job of measuring the Pope. In an interview with The I in September 2019, the Pope was requested about his peak.

“It’s like 6 feet 6 inches,” he replied. “The average door is 6 feet 6 inches … I hit some heads!”

Nick Pope thinks he’s 6’6 “. It’s a bit shorter than EA Sports, but not too far away. Nick Pope needs to know his height, right?

Still, some FIFA players are not convinced. The EA Support website is still receiving questions from weird FIFA fans asking developers to change the height of their games.

To get things done, the FIFA player tried to calculate his exact height using a picture of the Pope standing next to another player.

An EA Forum user trying to solve Nick Pope’s height problem.

[Other] For those who still think the Pope is 191 years old … Joe Hart is 196 years old. From r / FUT Mobile

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Is Nick Pope 6’3 or 6’7? If he is 6’3, why did EA make him 6’7? r / from FIFA

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The following reddit post from user Dantheman6655 looks pretty clear.


“He’s 6’7 (200 cm) in FIFA, so there seems to be some disagreement about the actual height of the Pope, but a quick Google search reveals that he’s only 6’3 (191 cm). “Masu,” wrote Dantheman 6655 within the FIFA sub.

“These are the pictures I found and he is definitely taller than the 6’5 (196 cm) Tyrone Mings and the 6’4 (194 cm) Magwire. In the other pictures he is DCL (6). Keane seems to be considerably taller than ‘2), 188 cm) and 188 cm in real life, but in the game it is 191 cm, but when standing next to Gomez it definitely seems to be taller than 188 cm I think the FIFA measurements are more accurate because they look like. “

“This shows that FIFA did it right this time. I don’t know why Burnley’s official website states his height is 191 cm, but this is clearly wrong.”

It’s fairly clear to me that Nick Pope is 6’6 “. What’s the outcome? When you’re fortunate, EA will hold Nick Pope’s FIFA 21 peak and the precious Burnley keeper It stays the beast between the sticks he’s at the moment in.


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