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Nitish slams BJP for delay in cabinet expansion in Bihar

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In Bihar, many questions have arisen in the inner cell about the delay in the expansion of the Nitish cabinet. However, CM Nitish Kumar has clearly said that BJP is responsible for the delay in the cabinet expansion. He expressed displeasure over the fact that every time the cabinet was expanded within a few days of the formation of the government. But this time there is a delay beyond the prescribed limit.

At present, the government relies on 14 ministers

Let me tell you that there are currently 14 ministers in Nitish’s cabinet in Bihar. In which each minister is currently handling the responsibility of 5 to 6 departments. However, it is clear that Nitish can have 36 ministers including the CM. Opposition parties in the state also do not miss out on targeting Nitish Kumar. However, recently state BJP in-charge Bhupendra Yadav and BJP President Sanjay Jaiswal met CM Nitish Kumar.

Bhupendra Yadav and Jaiswal met CM

It is known that CM Nitish Kumar said on meeting BJP leaders that it was just a courtesy meeting. There was no political discussion. Simultaneously, CM also denied the media reports that the meeting was about the expansion of the cabinet. He said that BJP should definitely take initiative in this and send suggestions. On the other hand, the expansion of Nitish’s cabinet in the political corridors of Bihar is expected to happen after January 14. But putting a question on BJP, Nitish has thrown the ball in his court. Now it has to be seen how the BJP reacts to it.

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