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Next-generation Capcom game pragmata is significantly delayed – Jioforme

This year’s CES has already begun, and of course Sony has arrived and shared a new sizzle reel for the next PlayStation 5 game. Very concise, mostly composed of previously viewed footage, eagle-eye viewers have found new release windows for some titles such as Ghostwire: Tokyo, Project Athia, Pragamata, etc. ..

As a reminder, Pragamata was one of the first games released for the PS5 and was shown as part of the first console announcement. Given the 2022 release year, the CES 2021 video labels it as released in 2023. In other words, it is about a year behind.

No official explanation or reason for the delay has been given, but an ongoing coronavirus pandemic may have contributed to this. Or I need more time. The original announcement trailer was purely cinematic and didn’t show off gameplay.

What’s more, what was displayed was incredibly vague and didn’t give much indication of what the game would be or what the story was. It depicts an astronaut exploring an abandoned city and encountering a little girl. Before the landscape is strangely distorted, the two fly in the sky to make the sky look like a glitch, standing on top of the last one to appear. To be the moon.

The mysterious nature of the trailer depicts a lot of comparisons with Death Stranding, but it doesn’t really help explain anything. Capcom, which develops and publishes it, hasn’t mentioned the game or shared new footage since its announcement in June. What is known about this game is that it is a brand new IP and will be released on PS5, Xbox Series X / S, and PC. We still don’t know when Capcom is trying to share new information about pragmata.

Despite the delay, Capcom has many other projects in its pipeline to meet its 2021 and 2022 release schedules. That’s an assumption, at least, judging by the four-year schedule leaked after the cyberattack on the company in November.

In addition to this year’s Monster Hunter Rise and Resident Evil 8, Capcom is said to be planning numerous remakes and new entries in the Rockman, Resident Evil and Street Fighter franchises. Obviously, none of these have been officially announced.

While these leaked games have caused excitement online, it is important to note that the information was effectively stolen from Capcom, along with the personal data of current and former Capcom employees.

Pragmata will be released in 2023 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X / S.

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Source: https://gamerant.com/pragmata-release-date-delay-capcom/


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