Mira Kapoor, Mini Mathur Root for Social Media as Consciousness Device

Mira Kapoor, Mini Mathur and Kusha Kapila joined Network18’s initiative Mission Paani Waterthon to unfold consciousness concerning the looming water disaster and the way the world needs to be ready to take care of it. They shared how they preserve water of their day by day lives and harassed upon utilizing social media as a instrument for spreading consciousness about water conservation.

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About making kids realise the significance of water conservation, Mini mentioned, “My kids study at school and are as aware as I am about how to conserve water. Whether its turning off tap water while brushing teeth or turning off bath water, they do their bit in saving water. At the same time, we must prep our children for a life where they will not have as much water in the future.”

Mira added to this, “I feel not wasting water is important. When it comes to sanitisation, we must make sure that our toilets are clean, water taps are off and cleanliness is maintained so that mosquitoes do not breed. I would like to support organisations that look into building toilets for women.”

Questioned concerning the dialog about water conservation on social media, Kusha mentioned, “I feel extremely sad to inform that I myself have not done enough to raise this cause. Social media is a big tool. Now when we are recovering from corona, we can have a curriculum on conservation of water on social media. This is the time people should take this up and more and more people can be encouraged.”

Sharing some tricks to save water, Kusha mentioned, “I  make sure taps are not open while I brush teeth. I also save filter water and use it for watering plants.”

On water conservation ideas, Mini mentioned, ” We can put tap censors to control water flow. I send links to people on social media from where to buy this stuff from. We can set water meters at our home to raise awareness about water consumption.”

Mira mentioned that she’s going to use her social media affect to additional the great reason behind water conservation. “I will support Water Aid that looks into water conservation. I will list 4-5 steps to conserve water on my social media profile. We use RO waste water to water our plants at home. We also need to limit the use of recreational water like water pistols for kids. I will share all this and more with people who follow me on social media.”

Mini added to this, “We need to look into how we can raise awareness within our own municipality for water harvesting. We also need to emphasize on lower buying habits, reuse and repurposing of clothes to save water.” She mentioned, “I repeat outfits all the time.” Kusha additional added, “I have not bought outfits in 2020.”

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