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Legacy Fighting Alliance
The first mixed martial arts event in 2021 will be held on Friday and the Championship Topper is a good place to go.

LFA 97 There is a headline by a lightweight match between Nick brown
And Arthur Estraslas A vacant title for the promotion. After the weigh-in, the 9 Fight Cards became official.

Both fighters in the main event had no problems gaining weight, but the other three fighters became heavier. Jose Martinez And Come Ansel
Both couldn’t make a lightweight limit, Guillermesantos I missed a featherweight cap for £ 1.6. However, overweight fighters are fined for each wallet percentage, and all three games are still in progress.

Once beaten, Brown (10-1) aims to taste Championship Gold for the first time. “Nyquil” has won three consecutive victories since making the decision John gunther..Along the way, Brown won a unanimous decision victory Ben Egli, And send Tray Ogden
Rear-naked choke. Brown officially came in for £ 154.8.

Also, Estrazulas (12-4) is trying to win a vacant title.Brazilian undefeated in his two LFA appearances and submitted both Dominique Clark And Steve Kozora.. Estrazulas finally tasted defeat Thiago Tavares Kings MMA products made the championship weight at 154.6 pounds.

LFA 97 will be broadcast live on the UFC Fight Pass from 9 pm Eastern Standard Time to 6 pm Pacific Standard Time.

LFA 97 weighing result:

Nick brown (154.8) vs. Arthur Estraslas (154.6)
Jacob Rosales (154.4) vs. Jose Martinez (157) *
Kamuela Kirk (145.2) Pair. Guillermesantos (147.6) **
Kelly Dangero (115.6) Pair. Lovethpatra Young (115)
Michael stack (145.6) Pair. Jordan Mapa
Josh Quinlan (170.8) vs. Joe Boerschig (168)
Thomas Petersen (258) Pair. Kimoruisu
Nadine Mandiau (125.6) Pair. Claire Guthrie (125.8)
Come Ansel (157.4) *** vs. Shane Shapiro (155.8)

* Martinez lost a pound and was fined on part of his wallet.
** Santos lost 1.6 pounds and was fined on part of his wallet.
*** Ansel lost 1.4 pounds and was fined part of his wallet.

– MMA Sports

Lightweight Title Fight Set; 3 Fighters Heavy

https://www.sherdog.com/news/news/LFA-97-Weighin-Results-Lightweight-Title-Fight-Set-3-Fighters-Heavy-177148 Lightweight Title Fight Set; 3 Fighters Heavy

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