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New Delhi: Ladies are 40 per cent extra more likely to develop knee osteoarthritis and 10 per cent extra more likely to develop hip osteoarthritis than males. Furthermore, 46 million ladies in India are affected by osteoporosis.

This additionally contributes to important morbidity and mortality to postmenopausal ladies. It is because ladies have a decrease peak bone mass, which is compounded by the hormonal modifications that happen on the time of menopause. It’s a silent illness till fractures happen, which causes vital secondary well being issues and even demise, says Manish Sontakke, Senior Advisor Orthopedic Surgical procedure, Hiranandani Hospital, Vashi-A Fortis community Hospital.

“Especially, in the current pandemic situation, most of us are home bound, so nutritional levels, vitamin balance and physical activity has all been hampered. Plus, women tend to ignore their health or keep the health of their family before their own. Hence, the chance of deteriorating bone health among them is higher than before.”


Sontakke says,”When a woman reaches menopause, her estrogen levels drop and this can lead to bone loss. For some women, this bone loss is rapid and severe.”


The quantity of bone you might have whenever you attain menopause. The higher your bone density to start with, the decrease your probability of growing any bone associated issues. In the event you had low peak bone mass or different threat components that brought about you to lose bone, your probability of getting osteoporosis and/or osteoarthritis is greater.


For some ladies, bone loss occurs quicker than for others. In actual fact, a girl can lose as much as 20 % of her bone density throughout the five-seven years following menopause. In the event you lose bone shortly, you might have a higher probability of growing these illnesses.”


Whereas Osteoporosis is most typical in older ladies, it generally impacts younger ladies of their 20s, 30s and 40s having pre-menopausal circumstances. The time period ‘premenopausal’ refers to ladies who’re nonetheless having common menstrual durations, and haven’t but reached menopause. Whereas it’s unusual for pre-menopausal ladies to have osteoporosis, some younger ladies have low bone density which will increase their probability of getting Osteoporosis later in life, he says.

“People usually think that osteoporosis and osteoarthritis are an inevitable part of aging. However, you are never too young or old to take care of your bones. Today, we know a lot more about how to prevent, detect, and treat the disease. Good lifestyle habits can help you protect your bones and decrease your chance of getting osteoporosis and osteoarthritis.”

The recipe for bone well being is straightforward

*Get sufficient calcium and Vitamin D

*Eat a well-balanced eating regimen

*Train commonly

*Get your bone density check carried out a minimum of as soon as in two years

*Do not smoke or drink

All ladies over the age of 45 years ought to have a bone density check carried out. All the time do not forget that screening is a crucial prevention technique to stop bone loss and preserve your bones robust. It’ll result in early intervention and lead to a greater high quality of life. The frequency for a bone density check will depend on quite a few components resembling your age, your bone density outcomes and whether or not you’re taking any osteoporosis or arthritis remedy.

In case your healthcare supplier hasn’t spoken to you about your bone well being, it is time so that you can carry it up! Particularly, when you have aged ladies within the household, who are actually confined to their houses because of the current lockdown and pandemic scenario, screening for bone well being turns into essential.

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