Fight Covid-19 with 30 Minutes of Laughter Yoga Everyday

Laugh to improve your immunity. Laugh to stay healthy. World Laughter Day celebrated worldwide on May 2 is the best reminder for us to rekindle happiness, cheer in our lives. As we all know laughter is the best medicine, why not increase the dose of this freely available medicine and improve the quality of our lives manifold during the Covid-19 crisis! Let’s boost our immunity to fight the coronavirus pandemic.

During a time when the bout of Covid-19 is compelling us to maintain social distancing and remain safe in the protective environment of our homes, don’t forget to laugh, and stay positive.

‘Laughter’ is an excellent way to battle this isolation or quarantine phase. As we celebrate World Laughter Day this year, let’s pledge to laugh away to a healthy life and boost immunity through 15-30 minutes of laughter yoga. It’s important to remember that we are not alone in this and we can overcome this through positivity.

And what could be a better way to remain stress free than ‘laughing’! Laughter is a powerful, natural antidote that enhances your body’s capacity to fight coronavirus. It evokes some very potent physiological changes in the body and mind. It has been revealed through scientific studies that 30 minutes of laughter everyday yields tremendous health benefits. Imagine how much you can boost your immunity by doing laughing exercises or simply ‘laughing’.

1. Laughing induces happiness. It signals your brain to release endorphins. This as a result keeps the cortisol hormone which is the stress hormone at bay.

2. Blood pressure remains within limits and ensures smooth blood circulation in the body. The lesser the stress, the better your body’s immune system functions. Your heart remains healthy too.

3. Production of T-cells, anti-infection antibodies in our blood increases and makes our body resistant to diseases. Your body gets better equipped to fight allergies, asthma.

4. Laughter enhances the lung capacity as the ventilation of 30% of alveolus or air sacs in lungs are increased. Due to controlled and forced breathing you get to imbibe more oxygen, a much-needed support to fight coronavirus and boost immunity.

5. Laughter enhances secretion of a ‘feel-good’ dopamine hormone in us. Depression, low energy can be battled with laughter, as it is a time-tested stress buster. A happy mind and body aid in boosting immunity.

Share a laugh with your loved ones and you will find your oxytocin levels have increased as well as a bonus. A study revealed that ‘laughing’ in a group triggers endorphin, oxytocin release manifold in humans. A good hearty laugh induces relaxation in our body for almost 45 minutes. It relieves tension in our body, makes you more optimistic.

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