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DRDO hospital workers raised voice after Ravinder Raina’s arrival Jammu Metro

The physique of a new child child discovered on Raj Tilak Street outdoors a garment store was later taken to GMC Morchery. The physique, guarded by a canine by the highway, will now be cremated by an NGO in Jammu.

The NGO employee expressed his anger for the mother and father of the kid and stated that the physique can be cremated with all of the rites.

“It’s a disgrace that humanity now not exists. How did the kid’s mother and father go away him on the highway? The physique is totally rotten. We are going to carry out the final rites in Uttar Bahni, and carry out all the correct rites. Rahil, an NGO employee, stated

The ambulance can be offered as a gesture by the Dubgotra Charitable Belief. Social activist Somnath Dabagotra praised the act and inspired the youth to return ahead for such assist.

“It is a selfless act. It is good to see our youth wandering from drugs and using their time to help others. I appeal to all parents to help their children in this difficult time Encourage you to do social service of sorts. ” Somnath Dabagotra stated

He went on to say that “the dog protecting this child has proved that dogs are the best friends of humans”.

Muskan Langoo, Content material Author, JK Media

The NGO cremated the physique after the physique of a new child discovered on the highway, first appeared on JK Media.

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