CII Produces Brief Movies to Increase Public Consciousness on Masks Utilization Throughout Pandemic

Amid these attempting instances, the Confederation of Indian Business (CII) has taken an initiative to unfold consciousness in regards to the correct use of face masks by their brief movies. The CII has produced Company Social Accountability (CSR) associated shorts to assist provide data on correct mask-wearing that includes the right observe and sporting method.

The movies, that are all beneath 30 seconds, urge their characters to put on a masks correctly amid the Covid-19 pandemic. In one of many clips, a middle-aged lady is seen strolling along with her masks down when she is stopped by an individual who asks her to cowl her face with the masks correctly. The clip ends with the person saying, “You’re a mere human, not the almighty. So put on your masks correctly”.

In another clip, a young woman is seen standing with her mask down her chin. She is then approached by a person who asks her whether she can wear her bindi on her face instead of her forehead. To which, the woman gives a confused look and the man replies saying that if she can’t put her bindi on her face then how she could wear the mask around her chin. This makes her realise her mistake and she soon covers up her face.

All the films aim at making people understand that a mask that is not worn properly, is of no use in keeping them and their surroundings safe. Prior to this, the CII had also taken the initiative to help fight the pandemic by reaching out to various sections of the society and engaging with the corporate and government to provide immediate relief and the necessary resources required to fight the global crisis.

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